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Pieced Art Quilts – 4 Day Workshop

November 4-5 & November 11-12, Saturdays : 9:30AM-4:00PM, Sundays: 10:00AM-4:00 PM

$150 for all 4 classes.

“Pieced Art Quilt” – Preparation for workshop with Teresa Bills

This workshop will run for four full days. You will not need your machine on the first day of class. We will discuss plans for your composition and you will draw your template pattern for your quilt. After class you will blow up your pattern to the full size that you want to make your finished piece. You can then trace your enlarged copy onto freezer paper that night or on the morning of day two. On day two we will discuss fabric choices and in depth sewing directions. You may wish to do some practice piecing such as curves or Y seams. The sewing begins! Day three and four will consist of individual help with your project. On day four we will discuss borders and ideas for quilting after piecing is complete.

You can bring your own lunch to class if you wish or we will have a lunch run to a deli or diner nearby.

Choosing An Image for your Quilt-
Find an image or combination of images that really speak to you. If you are not excited about the composition at this point, it may make it more difficult to see your project through to completion. Be aware of copyright issues. Get permission from the source of the original image or work from your own creations. There are free images available on line. Imagine the finished quilt in your mind. Add to your drawing or edit until the final result pleases you. I do my best designing in the early morning or when I am out in nature on a meditative walk.
Important! – If this is your first attempt at this type of art quilt it is a good idea to KEEP IT SIMPLE! It is also a good idea to practice some curved and Y seam piecing if possible before you draft your image into sewing lines. If you keep the difficult seams and the number of pieces to a minimum it will be an easier process to successfully finish your first project. You have to adjust the complexity of your project according to your present sewing ability. You will improve with each quilt that you make and they will get more complex in time. Although, patience and a determined attitude are sometimes more important attributes than experience when the sewing gets tricky. After completing your first pieced art quilt you will be better able to judge your comfort level. Most importantly, you want to enjoy the journey!